Error Codes

Messages that may be emitted by the contracts when your transaction fails and their meanings



You did not call the #lock method on ICore before calling a method that requires it, e.g. #swap or #update_position.


Core is locked, but the caller of the method is not the most recent locker.


You did not zero out all the deltas before releasing the lock, i.e. returning from the #locked.

This means you did not pay the sum of the deltas generated from all your actions, e.g. if you made only a single swap you either did not pay the required amount of input token or take the received amount of output token. Make sure to use the amounts returned from these calls, rather than amounts passed in from elsewhere.


The pool is already initialized. Prefer to call #maybe_initialize_pool if you would like to handle this more gracefully.


A method was called for a pool that was not initialized.


The sqrt_ratio_limit parameter given to a swap must be in the direction of the swap. For example, if your swap increasing the token0 balance of the pool, your sqrt_ratio_limit parameter must be greater than the current sqrt_ratio.


The magnitude of your sqrt_ratio_limit parameter exceeds the minimum or maximum value, which are 18446748437148339061 and 6277100250585753475930931601400621808602321654880405518632 respectively.


You must collect all the fees for a position before withdrawing all the liquidity.


You cannot call #next_initialized_tick starting from the maximum tick.


You cannot call #prev_initialized_tick starting from the minimum tick.


You attempted to withdraw more of a token than the last known balance of the core contract.


The contract is currently in withdrawals only mode, meaning you can only perform actions that reduce the core contract balance.


This means the core contract got into an invalid state where the token balance is less than the last recognized balance, which can happen if the token is rebasing or otherwise not well-behaved.


The delta for a token's balance cannot exceed the maximum u128 value. In general, tokens that have total supply greater than the max u128 may encounter issues and should be avoided.


You attempted to load more than was saved for a saved balance.



The balance of the token exceeds the max u128 value. The positions contract only works with tokens that have a total supply less than the max u128 value.


When withdrawing liquidity, your slippage tolerance for token0 was not met, i.e. not enough token0 was withdrawn.


When withdrawing liquidity, your slippage tolerance for token1 was not met, i.e. not enough token1 was withdrawn.


When burning an NFT using the safer version, which requires you to specify the pool key, the liquidity was not zero.


You must be approved or the owner of an NFT or the operator of an account to modify the related position(s).


The minimum size of the position was not met with the given amount of tokens. This is the slippage check for adding liquidity.


Thrown when modifying a modifying a position where the lower bound is not less than the upper bound.

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