What sets Ekubo Protocol apart from other AMM protocols

Gas efficiency

Ekubo uses the "till" pattern and a singleton design to provide the cheapest trades against concentrated liquidity on Starknet. That means all the pools are managed in a single contract, and when you swap against a pool or update a position on Ekubo, token transfers are deferred until the end of the transaction. In fact, you don't have to transfer tokens at all. Aggregators could save them in Ekubo for later, avoiding expensive token transfers altogether.

The result is that you can execute many actions across many pools and only make the minimum number of required token transfers. The highly optimized and capital efficient design combined with Starknet's low fees enables Ekubo protocol to provide the best execution net of gas.

Concentrated liquidity

Concentrated liquidity allows market makers to provide liquidity within a specified price range. Each liquidity provider chooses the exact parameters of their position, but all positions in a pool are aggregated from a swapper's perspective. As a result, swappers get better pricing because liquidity providers can leverage up within a price range, or earn yield on unused capital elsewhere.


Extensions allow third party developers to permissionlessly create new kinds of pools on Ekubo that integrate into the same ecosystem of aggregators and interfaces built on top of Ekubo. These pools can implement new features such as oracles, or new order types like limit orders or TWAMM orders. Read more about extensions here.

Withdrawal fee

When you withdraw liquidity from Ekubo, you pay a fee equal to the swap fee of the selected pool from your principal. Because this fee is taken on principal:

  • It decreases as a percentage of liquidity as capital efficiency increases

  • It decreases as a percentage of principal + fees as fees are earned over time

Thus, the fee incentivizes all of liquidity concentration, passive liquidity and low fees.

This fee is collected by the protocol, able to be withdrawn by the protocol's current owner. The Ekubo team has no plans to collect the withdrawal fee revenue while it serves in the administrative owner role.

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