Ekubo API

The API that powers Ekubo's interface

Our API is in early alpha and may undergo breaking changes without notice. Join the Discord to ask questions or get support.

Our API is found at the following endpoints:

  • https://mainnet-api.ekubo.org

  • https://goerli-api.ekubo.org

  • https://sepolia-api.ekubo.org

These endpoints serve the Starknet Mainnet, Goerli and Sepolia deployments of Ekubo, respectively.


Our API functionality is based entirely on the Postgres schema managed by the open source indexer repository. You can replicate most of the API functionality by simply running your own instance of the indexer and querying the resulting Postgres database. If you have specific latency or need to make a large number of requests per second, it's best to run your own indexer.

Rate limiting

We have a rate limiting web application firewall applied to the API. If you would like to make calls in excess of the limit, please reach out on Discord to discuss an arrangement.

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